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DEK promotes themselves as a leading manufacturer (first in mainland China ) and exporter of low price high quality generators Under the DEK & DJ brands you will find air cooled diesel engine (Yanmar type) /OHV gasoline engine (Honda type), portable electric power generator, centrifugal water pump, portable high pressure fire fighting pump, power sprayer, mini filer, portable diesel welding & generator set. Their equipment has passed CE and ISO9002 certifications and have been exported to over 60 countries and regions. They have exclusive distributors in German, Italy, South Africa, Greece, Israel, and Singapore.

In or about 1990, the Chineese govemment wanted to purchase the producing line from Japan, with about USD250,000,000, but Fuzhou Diesel engine factory only purchased the sample engines series with about USD125,000 when the management team visited Japan in 1984, then went on to successfully develop their own diesel engine series.

It has been reported that DEK is the first manufacturer of air cooled diesel engine in Mainland China, to pass CE, ISO9002 and have certificates, testing 1500 hours without problem. DEK crankshafts is made of 35CrMoAl, instead of 40Cr, bearings are NSK, NTN, crank bin bearings are from Volkswagen. DEK adopts oil seal with European technique in intake valve and exhaust valve, all the rubber spare parts are from Japanese factories.

The patented structure of Silent Diesel Generator was designed to avoid problems, such as too high lube oil temperature, damage to the cooling fan, and they guarantee that the lube oil will not be into the cylinder, and the structure is more convenient to maintain and repair.

Their X series of genset adopt half open structure which will reduce noise much, 8 dBa less. On the OHV gasoline engine series, they were produced in Mainland since 2000. DEK clains to always purchase best quality spare parts since our company established in 1997, so we could promise that our products quality are best in China

Industrial / Commercial Generators

DEK's generator product line is divided into 2 product offerings: Diesel and Gasoline powered portable generators. In each of these categories DEK offers several models with various power output ratings ranging.

          Titan industrial gasoline generator   DEK X-series portable (gasoline)

          Titan industrial diesel generator  Silent diesel model (diesel)

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