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Home Portable Electric Generators

Home portable generators, have become very popular in recent years with residential homeowners. The home portable generator are small generator sets that can range from 900 to 8,000 watts, be handheld, mounted on a stationary frame, or a wheeled cart and generally operate on gasoline (although other fuel options are readly available). Home portable generators are less expensive (than stationary generators) and can be easily stored in a garage or utility closet when not in use. Home portable generators are available to run one or two critical home devices when utility power is interrupted. Smaller units allow the homeowner to plug an appliance directly to the generator (usually via an extension cord), where larger portable generator units may power an entire home circuit via use of a manual transfer switch.

The popularity of the home portable generator is due to their lower cost and relative ease of use. Since these units are portable, they can be used almost anywhere and require little setup. This also makes these generators popular for use at home outdoor events, camping, or anywhere utility power is out of the reach of an extension cord.

Safety is an issue with home portable generators if they are not used properly. These units must never be operated indoors, or in a home garage even with the door open due to the potential for exhaust fume buildup. In addition, homeowners must be careful not to overload the capacity of the generator by attenpting to operate too many electric devices at the same time. Careful attention to the operating instructions that come with each unit will make this a safe and rewarding purchase.

Several manufacturers provide these type of generators, such as: Coleman, Generac, Porter Cable, Onan, and Briggs & Stratton. Click on the links (left) to the brand of your choice to review their models.

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