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Contractor / Industrial Jobsite Power Generators

Contractor electric power generators could describe several types and sizes of portable electric power generators. Within this context the term contractor is more likely meant to differentiate between homeowner grade non-commercial and the commercial grade heavy duty portable and larger generator sets that receive daily jobsite use in a more rigorous environment. Several manufacturers make this differentiation and most homeowner grade equipment comes with a disclaimer that voids the manufacturer's warranty if the unit is used in a commercial and/or contractor capacity. This might include relatively small jobsite generators that are "portable" given the use of a wheel cart, up to medium and large trailer mounted or skid mounted generator units.

Small Portable Contractor Generators

The small portable contractor (jobsite) generator sets come mounted on either a stationary frame or a wheeled cart. Many of the manufacturers of these units will have a product line aimed at the homeowner and another for the small contractor. The contractor generator line are generally more heavy-duty in construction and are designed for the rigor of everyday usage, Very often these different lines visually appear very similar with the exception of their max output wattage, engine horsepower, frame markings or color and (of course) price.

TITAN industrial generator             Briggs and Stratton contractor generator

Portable Contractor - Generator/Welder and Generator/Compressor

There are several special variants of the small portable contractor (jobsite) generator sets that include the capability for the generator to also act as a lightweight welder, and some include an air compressor. This gives the contractor the flexibility to perform small welding tasks, or operate air tools, and generate electricty to run small power tools from the same generator set. This eliminates the need for the contractor to own and transport additinal equipment (a welder or a compressor) to the jobsite. Note: no generator units include all three capabilities into a single package.

Campbell Hausfeld generator / welder                     Coleman generator / compressor

Medium to Large Portable Contractor Generators

Medium to large portable "contractor" generators bring about the expectation of skid or trailer mounted generator sets that can be moved to a jobsite and setup to provide power for several workmen, work stations, tools, or works tasks. Some of these models include the ability to operate as a welder as well as a power generator. This includes some larger hand-portable (sometimes on a wheeled cart) and small and large trailer mounted generator sets. Some larger contractor (jobsite) generators are simply skid-mounted generators that are moved about with a crane by lifting it from a center-balanced cable lifting-point or by use of a fork-lift. Often a skid-mounted generator will be mounted on a trailer so that it can be towed between jobsites. Obviously the term portable is a relative discriptor when it comes to a genrator this large, it's portable if you have the large equipment to move it around with!

Kuboto contractor         Baldor contractor

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