Electric Power Generator Reviews for home and business:

Emergency and Backup Generators protect your home by providing reliable standby power

    Electric Power Generators

We specialize in providing product and manufacturer reviews of (and access to) the highest quality electric power generation equipment available. Here you will find portable generators, standby generators, backup generators, home portable generators, camping generators, RV generators, marine generators and industrial generators. Our complete review of available electric generator equipment is online to help you find the equipment and services that you need. We review all of the top generator brands and bring a summary of that information to you in one convenient place. Look over our pages before you buy to become familiar with each brand. We help you make an informed generator purchase decision.

Home Standby / Backup Generators

Home standby generators, sometimes called "home backup generators", are generator units that are permanently installed outside a residential dwelling and are generally powered by either natural gas or propane gas. These units are designed to provide all (or partial) electric power to a home when the utility power fails and come in several sizes and options.

Several manufacturers provide home standby generators, such as: Generac, Guardian, Onan, Katolight, Coleman, ..(and others)... [Read More]

Portable Generators

Portable generators are generator units that are designed to be moved from place to place and come in many sizes and power output ratings. This category includes any unit that is movable, from the handheld "ultralite" generators to units mounted on a "cart" that can be wheeled around a garage or jobsite. Although larger high capacity generators can be considered "portable" (when mounted on a trailer), we have included those in the industrial category since they generally are used in a non-residential application. Further we consider the portable generator category to be broken into (at least) two major categories; homeowner portable, and contractor / jobsite portable. These categories are may be further broken down with respect to either the engine type (air cooled or liquid cooled) and/or fuel type. .... [Read More]

RV Generators

RV generators are special units designed to be mounted on a road vehicle, (RV, camper, bus, truck, etc). These units are very compact and generally run on propane, gasoline, or diesel fuel. [Read More]

Marine Generators

Marine generators are specially designed to provide power for boating applications. These units are generally highly compact, have special cooling and exhaust systems, and designed to operate in a wet "marine" environment. .....[Read More]

Industrial Generators

This category of generators includes the largest and most powerful units. These units are capable of providing standby and / or primary power for large facilities or projects. Industrial generators are usually permanently installed, although they can be trailer-mounted for use at outdoor events or as temporary power for large projects. ......[Read More]

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